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Corporate Christmas Gifts for Business

Starbucks Holiday BasketWe are officially 100 days away from Christmas, and that means that the holiday season will be upon us faster than we realize. The Gift Basket Pros are proud to announce the release of brand new Christmas gifts for the upcoming holiday season, which will make impeccable gifts for all of your corporate customers, business associates and employees that you would like to send your thanks and appreciation to for this year.

Sending Corporate Christmas Gifts for Business shows that you genuinely acknowledge the business relationship that you have built, no matter if the recipient is a new client or long standing associate. Sending a basket filled with decadent treats not only shows that you are thankful for their business, but that you have put time and effort into showing this appreciation.

With so many gift options to choose from, selecting the ideal holiday gift for business is much simpler than you think. The Gift Basket Pros have made the shopping experience quite simple with sorting options from price to name to most popular. Not to mention, if you are searching for just Godiva gifts or Starbucks Holiday Gifts, we have built the perfect way for you to find exactly what you are looking for. With price points that can't be beat and customer service that is top notch, your customers and associates will know that you are truly happy for their business!

Homemade Christmas Gift Idea

The last holiday of the summer season is almost upon us, Memorial Day, when we gather with those we care about to celebrate all that the brave men and women within our military did for our great country. On this day we honor them in celebration by hanging our American flags high, attending parades and joining friends at pool parties. What this day also signifies, is the winding down of one more summer. School will be back in full swing and our thoughts and energy will turn towards cooler temperatures and looking Christmas Gift Basketforward to Christmas!

With Christmas closer than we think, it certainly wouldn't hurt to knock out some early gift preparation. And if you are the type of person that would rather create something by hand to give as a gift, then a rustic holiday wreath just might be the answer! A simple and classic gift idea that anyone would love and appreciate for either outdoor decor or inside! A simple design with elegant appeal would make anyone's Christmas bright and cheery without hurting your wallet in the process!

This simple wreath only requires a grapevine wreath as the base, gold snowflakes, pearl berry picks and a simple ribbon with a glue gun to hold it all together. It really doesn't get much simpler than this! This classic and polished wreath would make an exquisite statement to anyone's home decor and you would become a gift hero!

However, hand making a gift may not be your strong suit, so The Gift Basket Pros are here to help! We have an assortment of handsome and refined gifts that would make their Christmas wish list complete. From Starbucks Christmas gifts to a simple Christmas Gift Basket, we have the ultimate holiday gift selection perfect for sharing. New designs are available now with many more on the way soon!

Christmas is Around the Corner

Believe it or not, Christmas will be here in no time at all! The school year is about to be back in full swing, thoughts of Halloween costumes will start to come to mind, and getting a head start on your Christmas list will be something you will be glad you did! From personal gifts for Christmas Cheer Basketfriends and family to Corporate Christmas Gifts for the entire office, planning ahead is the sure way to stay on top of the hectic holiday season.

Shopping ahead for the perfect Christmas Gift Baskets will allow you to check that item off of your end of the year planning, and will also ensure your inventory is reserved. During the holiday season, popular gifts sell out quickly, so planning ahead and purchasing early is an excellent idea. Plan your list, create a budget, and allow The Gift Basket Pros to assist you in selecting the perfect Holiday Gift Baskets

From Godiva Gift Baskets to Gourmet Gifts, with many new designs available this year, we are sure we will have the perfect gift for your lucky recipient. So start your list today, and WOW someone special this holiday season with a beautiful and elegant gift by The Gift Basket Pros!

It’s not too early to start Holiday Gift Preparation

With August just a few days away, the sights, sounds and smells of autumn are right around the corner. You might have Trick or Treating with your kids on your mind, but for corporate customers, planning their holiday gift giving list can never start too early. From the compiled list of recipients, to confirming up to date addresses, creating a budget, etc., early preparation is just a means to show everyone just how "on top" of things you really are!

Outside of your list of gift recipients, addresses are the most important factor in early preparation. When you have a list of 500 or more recipients, confirming those addresses Executive Wine Gift Basketcan be quite time consuming and having them checked ahead of time will alleviate any shipping issues that may arise. Delegate this task if your list is quite large so you don't have to carry the burden. And while checking addresses, make sure if the gift is going to an office building with multiple suites, that the suite number is included with the address!

Another important factor in early preparation is actually knowing if your recipient's company policy allows gifts to be received. Believe it or not, many company's no longer allow their employees to receive gifts at work as to not show preferential treatment to a specific client. This would make for an embarrassing situation for many. Simply check with an Admin. Assistant or Human Resources to confirm if the company may receive gifts.

One other very important early preparation recommendation is if you are planning to send a wine gift basket to a customer, double check on our website to see if the gift you have selected is available for shipping to your recipients state. Many states do not allow certain wine or alcohol labels to cross state lines due to state law restrictions, so an early check is a great way to confirm if you should send a cookie gift basket in lieu of wine gifts.

There are many steps you can take to start preparing your holiday gift giving list early, and The Gift Basket Pros are always ready and willing to lend a helping hand. Just contact one of our friendly Corporate Gift Services representatives, ask any questions you might have, and start making that list and checking it twice. The holiday season will be here before you know it!

Fourth of July Party Activities

The time for celebrating the independence of our great country is right around the corner and with that celebration comes a host of fun summer activities that we love to take part in each year. Most families that are fortunate to have a pool will hosts a backyard pool party complete with hamburgers, hot dogs, apple pie and fun summer drinks, but don't fear if you don't have a pool, because there are a ton of ways to enjoy this patriotic celebration right in your own back yard or neighborhood park!

One of the more active activities could include a 4th of July Scavenger Hunt! You could hide festive patriotic items such as something red, something white, something blue, a picture of a president, a firework, an American flag, a star, a stripe, and so many other fun and creative ideas that you could include! Ideal for both indoors and outdoors, a game such a scavenger hunt could be fun for all ages.

Another inexpensive and super fun activity for the backyard barbecue could be stars and stripes Tic Tac Toe! Simply decorate wooden X's and O's purchased at any craft store, Mrs. Fields Patriotic Cookie Basketpaint them red and blue, and then get creative! You could simply attach sticky stars to one set of letters and sticky lines to the other set of letters, and with a simple piece of yarn as the board, you then have the best outdoor game of Tic Tac Toe imaginable!

And to top off the fun filled day of swimming and backyard fun, everyone can enjoy their very own 4th of July pinata balloon! Simply gather red, white and blue balloons with a host of craft store trinkets such as patriotic wrapped candies, bracelets, necklaces, stickers, or whatever else comes to mind. From here cut off the top of a large plastic bottle to use as a funnel and stretch the balloon over the funnel and add in the treats. Blow the balloons up with air and tie a colorful ribbon around the end and hang them from a tree, or even inside for indoor activities. Your guests can use a toothpick to pop the balloon and have a reminder of the day with all of the goodies inside!

With so many fun and creative ways to host a party, don't forget to take the host a gift suited for the day! The Mrs. Fields Patriotic Cookie Basket is filled with fresh baked delicious treats along with hand frosted star shaped cookies, perfect for your backyard celebration! Enjoy the party well into the evening as we celebrate this day of freedom for our country! Happy Birthday America!

The Perfect Gift for Dad

When it comes to dad's, we all think that we have the very best one out there, and maybe we do! No matter if they are the best or a close second, sending dad a special gift that shows just how much he is loved should definitely be a priority. The Gift Basket Pros provides a broad assortment of bountiful Father's Day gifts that aim to make his special day one to remember.

From cookies to nuts, sending a gift of delicious tastes will create one happy guy. One of our most popular gifts is the Root Beer Gift Basket that has dad's approval all over it! This flavorful gift will arrive in a handsome basket with three bottles of Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer, in addition he will receive savory summer sausage, butter toffee pretzels, crackers, cheese, gourmet olives and more! These types of treats are sure to put dear old dad in a giddy mood to enjoy his day.Mrs. Fields Fathers Day Cookie Tool Gift Box

Speaking of cookies, how about this manly tool box full of flavorful treats! Included in the Mrs. Fields Father's Day Cookie Tool Gift Box are an assortment of fresh baked full-sized cookies and brownies straight from the Mrs. Fields bakery. The adorable part of this gift is the message on the tool box that reads "Best Dad I Ever Saw". It is sure to be a treasured keepsake for dad for years to come.

And for the sports loving father, the Deluxe Golf Gift Basket is the sure way to go! He will enjoy six Sierra Nevada Pale Ale beers with appetizing snacks like margarita lime chips, smoked almonds, snack mix, butter toffee pretzels and even golf balls and golf tees! This is the ultimate golfing gift for that special dad that plans on spending his day on the putting green. From the experienced golfer to the dad that just loves playing every once and a while, this delightful treat aims to deliver a hole in one!

Your dad, step-dad, uncle or other important male figure in your life deserves to be treated like king for a day, and what better way than with the gift of tempting treats! With an assortment of price ranges and themes, we are sure to have the ideal gift for that special dad!

Graduation Gifts for All

It's the time of year when all of those that have spent months hitting the books are finally able to move to the next chapter in their lives, it's graduation season! From elementary school to college, the tradition of graduation is a time honored celebration where we can spoil our loved ones for achieving their scholastic goals. And rest assured, The Gift Basket Pros are here to help make the task of selecting the perfect gift a very easy one!

As spring rolls around, thoughts turn to lounging by the poolside, trips to the beach, or long days at the park, but you have to graduate first! By sending a Graduation Gift Basket to a close friend or family member, the task of getting through to the end of year just might be a bit more bearable. The perfect gift for any age would be this adorable Graduation Snack Gift Box that comes complete with yummy cookies, popcorn, Jelly Beans and plush teddy bear with a cap and gown. Ideal for your younger graduates or the high school student who would love some late night munchies!

All Occasion Sparkling Wine BasketFor the college graduate, the All Occasion Sparkling Wine Basket would make a beautiful and distinguished choice to send them out into the world. This celebration gift comes complete with a Kiara Sparkling Wine and a wide assortment of gourmet goodies such as cabernet wine biscuits, nut medley, chocolate cookies, champagne stopper and knife set and so much more. A deep sigh of relief will overcome the proud graduate when they are finally able to relax and enjoy all of these scrumptious treats!

And for just about any happy graduate, the gift of fresh baked cookies always makes an excellent treat! You can send them off in a festive way with the Mrs. Fields Summer Time Cookie Pail that comes with assorted Mrs. Fields bite-sized cookies. They will arrive nestled inside of a "Summer of Fun" container that will revitalize their overworked brains at the end of the school year! Again, perfect for all ages, the gift of delicious cookies seems to always make the perfect gift!

So for your excited graduate, no matter if they are graduating for the first time or the last, send a gift that is sure to brighten their day. Showing you are proud of them is a sure way to lift their spirits and push them through these next few weeks of school. Congratulations to all of the lucky graduates!

Get Well Gifts

Allergy and flu season is in full swing and most of us suffer from the ill effects of this very difficult time. With sore throats, stuffy noses and coughs that feel like glass in the chest, wouldn't it be nice if someone truly wanted to help you feel better? There are so many medications and home remedies available, but what about a gift that is good for the soul? The Gift Basket Pros offer an exciting assortment of Get Well Gift Baskets that are perfect for any age and any condition.

One of the most popular gifts is the Get Well Soup Basket, overflowing with essentials to heal the toughest of ailments. Included are Feel Better Gift BoxEnglish Breakfast Tea, Sesame Crackers, Chicken Noodle Soup and even two soup bowls and a bamboo soup spoon! With many other goodies included, whoever receives this thoughtful gift will be well on their way to feeling better very soon. Ideal for friends or family that you can't be with, but would like to send your warmest wishes too.

Another best seller is our Get Well Soon Gift Basket that houses all of the necessities for a quick mend. Included are chicken noodle soup, crackers, Tazo Tea, a small honey jar, banana bread biscotti, a tea mug covered in smiley faces and a plush honey bee that is guaranteed to brighten their day! From a friend staying in the hospital to a family member that is unable to attend work, this thoughtful gift is perfect to bring sunshine into their lives!

Gift Baskets are the perfect way to shower affection and warm thoughts on someone special. Some may prefer to just be left alone when they don't feel well, so this is one way to show you care and not get sick at the same time! The generosity of a Get Well Gift will mean more to them than you can imagine!

Cookie Gifts Make the Perfect Gift

When it comes to holidays and special occasions, there is no better universal gift to send than the gift of fresh baked cookies. That warm from the oven taste just can't be beat, no matter how hard you try. The Gift Basket Pros are proud to offer a wide assortment of cookie gifts for different events and life's celebrations that a greeting card is just not capable of doing.

Mrs. Fields With Sympathy Cookie Gift BasketFor Birthday's, there are many different Birthday Gift Baskets that you can choose from, however the treat of sharing such sweet treats like Cinnamon Sugar cookies, Triple Chocolate cookies and Peanut Butter cookies, just can't be beat! The Mrs. Fields Birthday Cookie Gift Tin is a great example of celebrating the occasion with a festive and delicious treat! From the young to the young at heart, a birthday treat full of fresh baked feeling is sure to make someone's day bright.

Another suitable occasion for sending a cookie gift is for a sympathy gift. Often we just don't know what to say or how to act around someone grieving, but sharing your condolences through a gift of tasteful cookies is just one way to show you care. The Mrs. Fields With Sympathy Cookie Gift Basket is a beautiful and thoughtful gift that will send you warmest condolences during a very difficult time.

From Congratulations to Graduation to Christmas to Mother's Day, sending the gift of mouthwatering sweet treats is guaranteed to deliver big smiles to someone deserving. Though there are many unique situations we experience throughout the year, sending the gift of enticing cookies is an assured means to sharing happiness and generosity to someone special!

The History of St. Patrick’s Day

On March 17th of each year a time honored tradition of wearing green, consuming lots of beer and attending one of many Irish parades across the United States is shared by many Irish Americans. Dating back to 1762, Irish soldiers serving in the English military proudly marched through the streets of New York City, reconnecting with their fellow Irishmen also serving in the army as well as reconnecting with their beloved Irish roots. But many wonder why is this day of celebration called St. Patrick's Day?

This festive holiday actually began as a religious feast day, a celebration of the death of Saint Patrick, who was the patron saint and Happy St. Patrick's Day Cookie Tinnational apostle of Ireland. Born in Roman Britain, the Saint was kidnapped and forced to migrate to Ireland as a slave. He eventually escaped, but later returned to Ireland and was recognized as the person who introduced Christianity to the Irish people. Interestingly, he was later ingrained in the Irish culture even further as legend states he was famous for explaining the Holy Trinity with the use of a three leaf clover, also known as the shamrock. Around the 10th century, the Irish people began observing March 17th as the Roman Catholic celebration day of St. Patrick, which is also the day that historianbelieve he died. As the decades have passed, the observance of St. Patrick's Day has evolved into a modern day phenomenon with parties and festivals occurring around the world. Rivers are dyed green, large quantities of beer are consumed and everyone loves to celebrate the Irish legend, even if they aren't Irish!

So in honor of the Saint Patrick, share in the fun with a gift full of shamrock cookies like the Mrs. Fields Shamrock Cookie Gift or the Happy St. Patrick's Day Cookie Tin, full of Irish cheer. The Gift Basket Pros are excited to celebrate in the observance of this classic celebration, and hope that you will too!